Lénaïc Bagnères, hnc@singularity.fr | bagneres@lri.fr
Ph.D. student, supervised by Cédric Bastoul and Christine Eisenbeis
LRI (Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique), Équipe Architectures parallèles ParSys
img/32x32/portrait_silhouette.png Main page
img/32x32/kdevelop.png Dev
img/32x32/adjustable_wrench_and_screwdriver.png Tools
img/32x32/erlenmeyer_flask.png Research
img/32x32/graduate_cap.png Teaching
img/32x32/cpp_src.png C++
img/32x32/coin.png Trade
img/32x32/debian.png Debian

img/48x48/kdevelop.png Dev

All these tools / software are free (free as in free speech not as in free beer) and free (no-cost).

My main developments:
img/16x16/gitlab.png On GitLab.com
img/16x16/github_octocat.png On Github

img/48x48/pencil_and_eraser_in_pencil_cup.png Other Projects


img/32x32/newspaper.png Other pages:
img/32x16/cpp_hdr.png hopp (Header-Only Program Parts | Basic (but useful), modern and generic C++11/C++14 header-only library)
img/32x16/cpp_hdr.png Thōth (Modern and generic C++11/C++14 header-only library for GUI and games)
img/32x16/python.png Make Life Simpler (Collection of (useful) scripts)
img/32x16/archive.png Install Projects (Semi-automatic installation of different projects on GNU/Linux, Windows and OS X)
img/32x16/konqueror.png New Website (A kind of simplified CMS )
img/32x16/c_hdr.png gho (Generic Header Only C library)
img/32x16/cpp_hdr.png hnc (Basic (but useful) C++11 header-only library)
img/32x16/pencil_and_eraser_in_pencil_cup.png Other Projects (Other projects)