Lénaïc Bagnères, hnc@singularity.fr | bagneres@lri.fr
Ph.D. student, supervised by Cédric Bastoul and Christine Eisenbeis
LRI (Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique), Équipe Architectures parallèles ParSys
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img/48x48/debian.png Debian

Some tutorials, tips and tricks on Debian GNU/Linux.

img/48x48/hard_disk.png Installation of common free softwares

img/32x32/terminal.png Install packages with aptitude

In a terminal (you can use konsole under KDE or gnome-terminal under Gnome):

img/16x16/debian.png Debian website to list and search packages

img/32x32/archive.png Install all packages I use with Make Life Simpler

In a terminal, after installed Git:

img/16x16/python.png See scripts to know the list of packages installed

img/32x32/newspaper.png Other pages:
img/32x16/hard_disk.png Installation of common free softwares (How install packages on Debian GNU/Linux)
img/32x16/adjustable_wrench_and_screwdriver.png Development in C++ (Development in C++ with CMake and GCC)
img/32x16/information.png Tips & Tricks (Quick tips & tricks on Debian GNU/Linux)
img/32x16/smartphone.png Debian On Android (Debian GNU/Linux on Android (ext3 µSD, chroot))